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Saint Croix, Virginia, offers a variety of activities, from kayaking and fishing to a stroll through the picturesque port city and exploring the green hills and ruins of sugar plantations miles from the soft white sand beaches. A new addition to the list of attractions is Buck Island National Park, which has one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. Don't miss out, we have a package at Buck Island National Park for $5 per person or $10 for a family of four.

If you want to experience the best snorkeling on St. Croix, head to Buck Island for a day trip or a night at Jack Isaac Bay, another beach on the US Virgin Island. The amenities are so great that there is a connection to StCroix, take the ferry from St. Thomas or St. John. Remember to bring your passport and everything you need for the visit, such as a camera, a camera bag and a water bottle.

Ferry companies based in St. Thomas or St. John sometimes go to St. Croix and St. John, but sometimes not. Ferries run to the US Virgin Islands, including Charlotte Amalie, the capital of the US Virgin Island. Taxis leave from the West End airport and pass through the streets of Charlotte as you come and go.

Amalie is a great place to hike and learn about the Danish past of the island, as well as to shop for food and drink. There are many more to discover in St. Croix, including Cane Bay Beach, but the bay, known for its underwater snorkeling trails, is mentioned on many leaderboards.

The fort and other historic buildings maintained by the National Park Service have small shops selling books on the history of St. Croix. There is no market for furniture, but a wide selection of locally designed cards and jewelry, as well as CDs and books. Visit the museum shop, which offers books on the history of the fort, the island and its history as a place to buy some truly memorable portable souvenirs. A similar store is located in the StCroix Landmark Society and has a wide selection of books, maps, photos, artifacts and more.

Bamboula in St. John, for example, offers musical instruments from Africa, and Donald Schnell's Studio St. John is worth a visit if you want to see beautiful ceramics. Tillett Gardens, St. Thomas offers handmade jewelry by local artists as well as a wide selection of books on the island's history and history. Crucian Gold on St. Croix is available in a variety of colors and sizes, from gold to silver to copper. Leave it to the National Park Service's StCroix Landmark Society shop, which offers historical maps and a large collection of historical books, maps, photos and artifacts from the past.

Another thing the Virgin Islands are known for are their funky boutiques selling everything from vintage clothing and accessories to art, jewelry, clothing, furniture and food. St. Croix has a number of galleries and craft shops that offer local art and handmade goods.

St. Croix is also home to one of the most popular tourist attractions of the Virgin Islands, St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Tours and samples are provided by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Coast Guard.

If you are in the Virgin Islands, you can fly a seaplane between St. Thomas and St. Croix and literally fly through. You can spend months there with all the people you meet on the island, or visit them for a few days, as I did. If you like hiking, there are many hiking trails and trails in and around the islands, as well as trails for kayaking, canoeing and fishing. A place where nature and history merge to create the perfect 2-3 hour holiday on StCroix.

If you are travelling to St. Croix, the first thing you want to do is find out which part of the island you wanted to stay on. As it is the largest of the three islands, few tourists are expected on it, making it ideal for those who want a less commercial Caribbean experience. Cruises from the USVI are planned in Stetten and if you plan to come on your own, then we want you to do so.

Fresh fish can be bought from fishermen at markets and roadside markets as well as at fish markets. To find the best shopping in St. Thomas, head to Harvey, a small town on the west of the island, north of St. Thomas.

While St. Thomas is the most cosmopolitan of the three, boasts the best Caribbean duty - free shopping - and boasts that almost the entire island is protected as a national park, St. Thomas is the largest. John is calm and composed. The main place for travelers is Saint John, an archipelago with many small rocks and uninhabited islands. Visitors can take a ferry across the island to admire a stunning variety of corals and marine life. Enjoy a local rum while your luggage is waiting for you and enjoy a delicious meal in a local restaurant serving local dishes and locally made rum while you wait for your next stop on the way back to the main island.

More About Saint Croix

More About Saint Croix