Maple Crème Oreos Are Coming to Stores for Fall

Published 08-01-2019

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Get ready for fall with new Maple Crème Oreo cookies, coming to stores at the end of August. And hey, if you can have maple syrup on pancakes in the morning, why not have a couple Oreos?

Childhood Breakfasts You Forgot Existed

The new variety of Oreos features maple-flavored crème sandwiched between Golden Oreo cookies - we suppose the maple flavor could get a bit lost had they stuck to the traditional chocolate cookie layers.

It's a limited-edition cookie, so if maple's your fave, start looking later in August on grocery store shelves alongside a few Pumpkin Spice Oreos. Hey, the two autumnal flavors can share the shelves for a while, right? Seems only fair.

The Maple Crème Oreos are closing out a summer full of Oreo creativity. The out-of-this-world Marshmallow Moon Oreos, with purple crème and designs celebrating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11, landed in June. Oreo and Baskin-Robbins teamed up for Mint Chocolate Chip Oreos in July, and earlier this year, we saw the introduction of slender Latte Crème Oreo Thins, as well as the return of the limited-edition S'mores Oreos. And while you're in a mood for maple, read on for things you didn't know about maple syrup.

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